The Marketing Plant was established by two creatives, unified by one objective: building beautiful business. We began as an inbound marketing operation, and over the years, morphed into more than online presence. We believe a healthy brand identity is achieved not only by a great website, attractive logo and engaging collateral, but also through your physical work environment. Through these cohesive components, we firmly believe that no business is too small to compete. Today, our boutique (small but mighty) agency is made up of two divisions to assist small- and mid-size businesses look good from the inside out: inbound marketing and commercial design.


  • “We have a mantra inside the TMP studio — Chase the Unicorn. Grab your trusted team (the ones as bold as you) and run after that big idea many may doubt and few have ever seen. The hunt takes some time, and sure, some failure, but the big catch is always worth the effort.”

    Abby Murray
    Abby Murray, President


The heart and soul of our organization is in our tribe of creatives, strategists, wizards, and down right nice Minnesotan folks walking about the studio day in and day out. They are dedicated to our clients, resilient to the evolution of marketing, and always in chase of the unicorn. "The unicorn," you ask? You know, that big idea many may doubt and few have ever seen. We hunt and we daydream alongside our trusted team until that moment...the moment we've caught the unicorn. Today, our hunters are a fierce growing team who bring imagination to life and businesses to growth through corporate business consulting, commercial interior design, and inbound marketing initiatives: digital strategy, graphic design, video content. The hunt began in 2013 and is now led by two of the most relentless hunters you'll ever meet...read their stories below or connect with them on LinkedIn.




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Our quest for greatness began in early 2013 when we began to recognize a real need for small and mid-size businesses. With technology turning global into local, competition in any industry has become overwhelmingly fierce - particularly for that small and midsize category. No longer is the quality of product or level of service enough to set you apart. Whether online, within your physical space, or in your print collateral, you must look good and be findable amidst your competitors. Thus, The Marketing Plant was derived. Here's what we think - no business is too small to compete.